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In the preamble to our United States Constitution, it was made clear by our nation's founding fathers that America was founded on the principle of governance by WE THE PEOPLE. I am beholding to THE PEOPLE for my election to the United States Senate based on the articles that were written into our constitution. First and foremost, I am responsible to represent you by preserving, protecting and defending the United States Constitution for you, WE THE PEOPLE, and our posterity.  Please donate to my political campaign for this , our most pressing common cause for America's constitutional sovereignty, our individual rights and freedoms as well as America's leadership position as a constitutional democractic republic able to be seen worldwide as a beacon of light for democracy, individual rights and freedom everywhere in our world. 

Every aspect of our planet is hurting.  Our systems are failing. The reason for our systemic failures  is that our systems, now outdated, were designed in and for the “Industrial Technology” age that has ended while the new “Energy Technology” era now stands before us.

By contributing to and working for my political campaign, together we will begin by restoring, strengthening and updating the Constitution of the United States, and we will extend our constitutional rights and guarantees to the global governing body of the United Nations to serve as the governing contract between all governments and all people of our world. Together, in recognition of the progression of the new “Energy Technology Era"  in our world, we will transform our political, economic, educational, social, legal, judicial, penal and military systems away from the oppressive tyranny of multinational corporate leaders and international bankers who actively seek unelected supranational political and judicial powers through trade agreements to systems that support international peace, economic and social and environmental justice. Our political-economic work together will be to establish a Citizen’s Bank of the United States that will be subject to regular recurring audits and will be charged with creating Government Created Money, the largest portion of which Government Created Money, say 25%, will be used to pay down the debt the United States owes to the United States Federal Reserve and with another significant portion, say 9%, to be used as part of a global effort to reverse worldwide environmental collapse and to alleviate the suffering of many of our worlds peoples in the name of economic and social justice and world peace.

By your support of my candidacy, together, we will work to exstablish an international  Tobin Tax on international currency exchanges, say 0.25%, to promote currency stability in financial markets by discouraging currency market  speculation and manipulation and to alleviate refugee suffering within nations to stem the flow of refugee emmigration from adversely affected nations to America, Canada and European countries by providing a steady source of income to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees for the accomplishment of those purposes.  

By contributing to and working together for my political campaign, we affirm ourselves in the knowledge that we truly are all ONE.  

Massie Munroe's Top Political Priorities

  1. My candidacy represents restoring the United States Constitution against the Patriot Act and its' successor legislation and updating the United States Constitution to reinforce the intent of the 1st (inclusive of 5th Estate Freedom of the Press - a shield law that will protect journalists against prosecution for refusal to reveal sources), 4th, 5th, 8th, 13th and 14th Amendments of the United States Constitution. My candidacy represents expanding the 13th Amendment to explicity include electromagnetic human behavior and cognitive control (mind control) as a form of human slavery.  What freedom is there, I ask, if there is not the freedom to think one's own thoughts free from interferance such as that from Voice to Skull (V2K) mind control technology, to be able to hold one's own beliefs, to decide when to sleep, or not to sleep, to dream one's own dream-state dreams, to experience one's own emotional state, to own one's own mental state, etc.?  If these elements of being human are disrupted, or replaced by a deliberate act of substitution or destroyed by means of a technology, is it not a form of human slavery to be either knowingly or unknowingly forced to the mind and will of another who is in control of such technology?  Today's mind control technologies are capable of disrupting, replacing or destroying all of that in human beings. Innocent United States citizen victims of applied non-consensual mass mind control experimentation technologies experience those effects, and the numbers of people being targeted are dramatically increasing.  My candidacy represents the constitutional reafirmation of our right to privacy,  our right to “Due Process”, our right of "Habeas Corpus", etc. all of which are under unconstitutional attack by a significnt number of elected federal representatives in power in our government who are owned by corporate money. These steps are urgent. America is in dire danger of losing her political, economic and environmental, judicial and legal sovereignty and independance to international banks and foreign corporations through transnational free trade agreements that are written by  corporate attorney's on behalf of corporations. For example, the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement (TPP) proposes to establish tribunals organized under the World Bank or the United Nations to be staffed by lawyers rotating between legal duties representing and advocating for corporations and legal duties acting as tribunal judges vested with the power to sue the sovereign government of the United States of America for compensation for lost investment capital claimed to have undermined investor expectations, and thereby, to have harmed the company(s) in which they had invested and to be compensated by our taxpayer dollars. Under the TPP,  the United States government at all levels; federal, state, local as well as regulatory agencies would be able to be sued in challenges to, for example, Made-In-America laws or anti-tobacco laws or environmental regulations. America is signatory to 51 of 3,000 worldwide Investor-State Dispute Settlement aagreements.  The ultimate goal of these corporate trade agreements is to wrest sovereign government control from sovereign governments and to usurp and transfer sovereign governmental powers to themselves effectively destroying the constitutional contract between WE THE PEOPLE and our government that is established under WE THE PEOPLE's United States Constitution.

    My candidacy represents rolling back all existing trade agreements to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).  Our sovereign government needs to be able to regulate international corporations and  banks and not permit our government, through trade agreements between our government and international corporations and banks, to be regulated by them by means of coercive, costly lawsuits and trials heard in international corporate established tribunals with potentially enormous financial settlement consequences for our American taxpayers. This in addition to the loss to us, we the American people, of our right to petition for the passage of soveriegn protective laws and regulations and to have those laws passed and enacted on behalf of the political will of the American people. 
  2. The 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits excessive bail, excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishments. Directed, targeted and extremely painful directed electromagnetic radiation for the purpose of human behavior modification, cognitive mind control and non-consensual human experimentation must be specifically outlawed pursuant to the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution that prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. Corporate defense contractors are continuing to develop, improve and deploy mind control technologies in America and around the world. There are ever expanding numbers of victims of targeted mind control technologies worldwide, most notably in America, Canada, the United Kingdom and China among many other countries. My candidacy represents congressional investigations into and legislation to ban non-consensual human experimentation and mind control slavery by means of satellite weapons systems and GWEN Tower platforms among others as well as weather modification systems such as HAARP that is also able to be used as a mind control weapon along with directed microwave mind control radiation as violations of the 8th Amendment of the United States Constitution which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment as victims are subjected to painful targeted electromagnetic behavior modification based on torturous methods that are inimical to freedom that may be experienced through applied  V2K (Voice to Skull) mind control technology. This technology is capable of  stimulating the human nervous system to cause sexual stimulation that is a form of rape and is also capable of causing physical mutilations and permanent disabilities that are experienced by victims. 

    "Mind control is slavery". My candidacy represents negotiations in the United Nations to amend the Declaration of Human Rights to ban this emerging new postmodern mind control slavery and human trafficking worldwide. Victims are trafficked from one mind control technology to another. Victims are also trafficked to networks of Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) operatives. COINTELPRO operations stem from the CIA's infamous MK ULTRA program. Victims of mind control slavery who are open-fired upon by space energy weapons and dissected alive 24/7 are, additionally, violently, continuously exposed to  COINTELPRO "mind war" games, "gaslighting", (so called  from the 1944 movie "Gaslight" starring Charles Boyer, Ingrid Bergman and Joseph Cotton).  Even if the victims move from one area to another in attempts to escape their victimization victims find the same cruel tactics being applied to them by cells of different COINTELPRO operatives in their new location. There is no escape.
  3.  My candidacy represents reducing the defense and intelligence agencies' budgets by 10% across the board. Congress must initiate audits of each of the armed forces and contractors and all research agencies associated with national security and related matters inclusive of mind control and related COINTELPRO programs. America must lead our world by example from preparing for war to building a permanent peace. 

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country ... corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed

- beloved Abraham Lincoln  

Our economy is dying. America must create a new Citizens' Bank of the United States to serve as America's central bank charged with the duty to create money to pay down America's debt to the Federal Reserve banking system and to move forward to update America's crumbling infrastructure, build and implement new clean energy technologies, and engage in a massive emergency reforestation program, most critically in the Amazon to stem the effects of financially disasterous climate change that is near an unrecoverable tipping point. We have exhausted all avenues of our "Industrial Technology Age".  We must now transform to the new “Energy Technology Era” by which means America’s job markets will be able to be saturated with new Energy Technology jobs in cold fusion and zero-point energy manufacture that will carry us through the next century. We must stop utlizing these advanced energy technologies to enslave humanity. Rather, we must transform and utlize this new Energy Technology to serve humanity. 

"We must cure ourselves from Slavery"

- beloved Abraham Lincoln

 Slavery is back in America in a new form, namely, Remote Neural Monitoring Mind Control by means of satellite and GWEN Tower targeting among other platforms combined with COINTELPRO operations, the new post modern slavery that involves human trafficking. Cognitive mind control and behavior modification is inhuman, torturous and unconstitutional by any measure. Unaware, unknowing, non-consensual taxpayers are victimized  by their inadvertent support and help to expand these dehumanizing and degrading social engineering programs that are ultimately intended to be extended to and deployed against innocent citizen victims worldwide on a mass scale resulting in the ultimate control of human beings by an unelected supranational elite whose intent is to control WE THE PEOPLE and our world. 

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